Prices and Service Rates

Hourly Rate $78/HR

Tire Change on the bike $40 plus tube if applicable

Tire change off the bike $20 plus tube if applicable (Internet tires are an additional $15 per tire, unless there is a mounting issue which we go by time. No warranty with them)

NC State Inspection $13.60

Oil Change non-synthetic $108, synthetic $125 (all oil changes are priced for 4 quarts oil, average filter, prices may vary depending on bike)

5k Service non-synthetic $132, synthetic $149

10k Service non-synthetic $277, synthetic $294

Cam tensioner service $100-$1000 if needs replacing

Brakes $39/set, or $10/set with tire change

Bearings $78,  or $39 with tire change

Carb Clean multi carb 1 hour/carb plus materials, single carb 1-2 hours plus materials

Fork Rebuild $117/fork and $60 in parts

Valve Adjustment $156-312 is average depending on how many cylinders *Kawasaki has a worst case of 20 hours of labor*

Handlebars $1000 give or take including parts

**Call about any special customization prices**